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Stiltz House Lifts, perfect for every home.

Whether you are starting to find the stairs difficult or you are planning ahead and ‘future proofing’ your home, with our range of Stiltz house lifts you can now get upstairs and down with ease and without compromising on style and décor.

The discreet and elegant range of Stiltz lifts for homes offer smooth and quiet travel between floors on self-supporting slim rails so it is there when you need it, but at all other times it is unobtrusive. With no hydraulics or supporting walls required, our house lifts plug straight into a normal domestic power socket and it simple and easy to use as you glide between floors – all at the touch of a button.

stiltz house lifts duo logo

Moving around the home with the compact Stiltz Duo range of home lifts has never been so easy. Get up and down in less than 30 seconds in style, safety and comfort. The Duo Home Lift will blend into any décor and is simple to use.

  • Small footprint of 0.55m2
  • Carries up to 2 people
  • Stylish clear, curved car body
  • Smooth and quiet

Love my home lift. Have shown it to several friends and two fellow Parkinson’s have already had a Stiltz lift installed as a result. It’s made our lives so much easier.

Mrs Lees via Trustpilot

Our Stiltz lift is a raving success. It’s proved 100% reliable since it was installed 2 years ago, and it’s smooth and quiet in use. Five stars and total recommendation
Mr & Mrs Pybus via Trustpilot

The Stiltz Homelift has been invaluable. Earlier this year I had a total knee replacement and it would have been impossible to get up the stairs without it.
Mr Payne via Trustpilot

stiltz trio house lifts logo

The Stiltz Trio+ is an larger home lift designed to take a full-sized wheelchair. Alternatively, it can carry up to 3 people. The home lift has a clear car body allowing it to always remain discreet.

  • Small footprint of 1.25m2
  • Carries up to 3 people/full sized wheelchair
  • Full or half door options
  • Single Entry or ThruCar option

Our lifts for homes support you every step of the way

Installing one of our house lifts in your home is a big decision. However, at Stiltz, we have worked hard to make sure everything in our house lifts, right down to the smallest detail, makes them safe, attractive and simple to use.

lift for homes guide rail

Don’t compromise on floor space

When you are not on the same floor as your home lift, our clever design means that you can use the floor space where the residential elevator would usually be. There is no dead space with our lifts whatsoever.

obstruction detection image for Stiltz lift for homes

Obstruction detection

Built-in sensors automatically detect obstructions above or below when the Stiltz home lift is moving between floors. Your home elevator will immediately, but smoothly, stop until the obstruction is removed.

Stiltz lifts for homes simple control panel image

Simple control panel

The operation of your home lift is simple and intuitive with easy to use hold-to-run controls. Everything is in just the right place. For additional safety and security, the control panel can be secured with a key.

Stiltz house lifts small footprint

Small footprint

With a compact footprint no larger than 104cm x 76cm (0.55m2), Stiltz home lifts provide flexible placement options leaving more space for your home furnishings. The home elevator is one of the smallest lifts available.

Self supporting structure

Self-supporting structure

Unlike most other residential elevators there is no need for load-bearing walls with a Stiltz home lift. A Stiltz runs on its own vertical rails which are fixed to ceiling and floor, reducing noise and vibration.

stiltz house lifts plug and play picture

Plug and play

Well, almost. Your Stiltz home lift plugs straight in to a standard domestic electricity socket and uses no more electricity than it takes to boil a kettle. This means our residential elevators are one of the most energy efficient on the market.

Stiltz lifts for homes intergrated drive system image

Integrated drive system

The advanced wire rope hoist system which is engineered in all Stiltz home lifts is super-safe, durable and quiet. It is concealed inside the top of the lift so there is no need for hydraulics or external machinery.

Stiltz house lifts ergonomic and stylish design image

Ergonomic and stylish design

Minimalist, contemporary and with the highest specification, the design of our home elevators subtly catches the eye and fit seamlessly into any style of home décor. The placement options are almost limitless.

Stiltz lifts for homes remote control image

Remote control

All home lifts by Stiltz include two remote controls as standard so you can call the lift from any floor, at any time at your convenience. There is an option to purchase additional units if these are needed.

Stylish flexibility. You are in control of your home lift

Our Stiltz house lifts are installable almost anywhere in your home. In the corner of a sitting room, in the kitchen, in a cupboard, in the turn of a stairwell or through a galleried landing. Because our lifts for homes don’t need load-bearing wall it is the only freestanding home lift available, you can even put it in pride of place in the centre of the room!

Standard installation image


This is our most popular installation – the home lift will travel between a downstairs room such as a living room with the elevator arriving upstairs, typically in a master bedroom.

Stairwell Void/Landing Image

Stairwell Void/Landing

Where there is enough room in the turn of a staircase, this positioning option makes use of the dead space in the void making the Stiltz home lift even more unobtrusive.

Cupboard to Cupboard installation image

Cupboard to Cupboard

Thanks to the compact nature of our lifts for homes, you can choose to have your lift completely hidden by installing it inside an airing cupboard or wardrobe for ultimate discreetness.

Sloping/vaulted ceilings installation image

Sloping/vaulted ceilings

Our vertical rails need to fix to a horizontal surface. But do not worry if you have a vaulted ceiling. Stiltz building teams can provide subtle solutions to overcoming pitched roof installations.

Garage installation image


If you are looking to get from your outside garage safely into your home we can build a simple shaft around your Stiltz internal lift to take into all account health and safety considerations.

Thru-car installation image


The Stiltz lifts for homes range includes the ThruCar – available for the Trio+. Enter and exit through opposite sides of the lift car – ideal for wheelchair users or for lifts built into a stairwell void.