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Installing a home elevator in your home can be a fantastic way of ‘future-proofing your home’ and making it easier to travel between floors, particularly if you have mobility issues. However, many homeowners are initially concerned about the size of the residential elevator and worry about losing valuable space in their homes.

At Stiltz Home Elevators, our range of home lifts have some of the smallest footprints on the market, which can be installed in even the most compact spaces in your home, from the corner of a room to inside closets. At Stiltz, we can even fit the one of our elevator lifts in the void of a stairwell or it can take centre stage in the middle of any room.

So how big is a Stiltz Home Elevator?

This is a very good question. Our range of home elevators allow plenty of flexibility in terms of the location of its installment within your home and they also come in different sizes to suit your needs.

The two-person Stiltz Duo Home Elevator possesses a footprint of 1047mm x 810mm, which is one of the smallest footprints of any lift available. These lifts are ideal for homes on the smaller side, thanks to its surface area of less than seven square feet. What is unique about these home elevators is that because they do not need to be fixed to an external wall and are entirely self-supporting, they do not put any weight burden on the home, allowing them to be installed in compact spaces in the home that other residential elevators are not designed to accommodate.

The three-person Stiltz Trio Home Elevator has a slightly bigger footprint of 1047mm x 1280mm and is designed to accommodate a standard-sized wheelchair, while it is also ideal for users with walking frames. This wider lift allows homeowners to move about their homes freely and independently. Similarly, this elevator is also structurally self-supporting so that it is highly flexible in terms of its placement within the home, and despite having a bigger surface area than the Stiltz Duo Home Elevator, can still be installed in compact spaces but remains spacious inside.

A Stiltz Home Elevator can be installed in virtually any home with endless possibilities in terms of its placement, and with standard installations taking as little as up to one day, your lift can be fully functional and operational in no time at all.