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For homeowners looking for an appealing alternative to the outdated stairlift, Stiltz Home Lifts South Africa offers an ingenious residential elevator that can be installed virtually anywhere in the home.

The innovative and stylish Stiltz Home Elevator is rapidly becoming the ‘go-to’ option in the home mobility solutions market, as it can be installed in just one day, thanks to its unique rail design and integrated drive system.

Stiltz elevator lifts do not require a lift shaft or pit, the lift runs on its own self-supporting rails, meaning no major building work is required, and, once in situ, the Stiltz residential elevator plugs straight into the wall using a normal domestic plug socket with no hydraulics needed either.

Added to this, the lift is built in module sections, so it is very easy to transport, no matter how remote the location.

And, to every homeowners’ delight, as well as the range of Stiltz Home Elevators being very practical, they are also stylish with the attention to detail impeccable. The elevator lifts also feature gentle blue LED downlights which see you in and out of the lift safely at night.

The residential elevator travels smoothly and efficiently between floors in under 30 seconds and is almost silent in motion. It includes two small remote controls to call the lift at any time.

The Stiltz Home Elevator is light years away from unsightly stairlifts and bulky square domestic lifts which are typically slow, unreliable, undignified, unattractive and only allow one user to travel. This means you do not need to downsize to a one-storey home or, make any major alterations, in order to stay in their beloved family home.