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Audio Book Concept

There comes a time when, as Americans, we may find ourselves thinking about the things we never had the time to do. In retirement, we are given the gift of time again and there are more opportunities to pick up that hobby which never got started, return to an old one or even learn something entirely new. The team at Stiltz Home Elevators have come up with five suggestions to get the ball rolling which we thought our customers may find of interest.

Tackle the Reading List
Is there anyone who does not have a shelf of books they never actually get around to reading? Now might be the perfect time to give yourself at least a half hour each day to get into them. If you do not have a stash of books to wade through, or reading is a struggle, sign up to an audio book, many libraries also have an online audio book service. Before you know it you will be as well read as you have always aspired to be.

Re-discover Old Pastimes
Perhaps you have a crafting work in progress, like a quilt that is taking far longer than it was meant to, or a piece of furniture you hoped to restore. Or maybe you used to love a craft or pastime that in modern life you just never find the time for. Remind yourself how absorbing and therapeutic such hobbies can be. Play some relaxing music and lose yourself in something that gives you pleasure.

Exercising can do wonders for physical and mental health. Seek out online classes that can be delivered virtually, or workouts that you can play from You Tube whenever it suits you. There is everything from yoga, to high impact interval training, watching some of the older aerobics ones from the likes of Jane Fonda might really cheer you up too when you remember how some of us used to keep in shape! Anecdotal evidence suggests that having a pet is a boon, it is a great way to enjoy the opportunity to soak up the spring sights and sounds.

Appreciate Nature
Nature gives us that wonderful constant that we can appreciate all the more in such unusual times. The seasons will behave as they always have and for the gardeners among us, planting seeds and watching the process of new growth unfolding as it does at this time every year is both calming and fulfilling. If you have a yard, or even a balcony you may find yourself giving this more attention than you can usually afford to. So spend time there, enjoy it, plant something you love (or try some things you have never grown before) and look forward to spending time there with loved ones at a future date.

Embrace Tech
Using email, social media and your smart phone are great ways to keep in touch with friends and family and join local community groups. Even though you may normally groan when you see the grandchildren glued to phones or tablets, you may discover a box set on Netflix that you cannot get enough of either! It goes without saying that the ability to Skype family and friends that we cannot see in person is also extremely good for us.